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Corporate Picnic

Bring Your Co-workers Together!

How can you reap the benefits of rewarding your hard-working staff with an event that’s both fun and cost-effective? Now that the pandemic has passed, corporate picnics are making a comeback, and it’s the perfect time to plan your own Brilliant Event!

Invite your employees to a place where they can introduce their families to coworkers and colleagues, mix and mingle, laugh, and make memories. Brillant Events provides a turnkey solution with dazzling decor, exciting entertainment, and fabulous food. Let us suggest one of our specialty themes, or choose your own.

Of course, music is a must. And we keep kids content with crafts and games galore! Professional performer’s charm and delight! Find fun photo ops. Plus, our friendly staff makes your guests feel celebrated and special.

Whether we take you to a picture perfect venue or transform your on-site premises into a self-contained private party, you can escape the ordinary with Brilliant Events!

Why Host a Company Picnic?

Some people think company picnics are a bit old fashioned for today’s constantly on the go work force, but maybe that’s the perfect reason why they are so great! It’s a chance for everyone to slow down and have fun while also working together as a company and work family.

The Resurgence of Corporate Picnics?

Company picnics are the trending event for corporate celebrations for many reasons! Many employees spend most of their time indoors or at home in a virtual environment. Picnics are hosted in an open outdoor venue and allows for a feeling of freedom with fresh air. It provides a laid-back, family-friendly environment while keeping the event friendly on the overall corporate budget.
A picnic allows everyone to feel connected and feel appreciated!

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Learn More About Corporate Catering for Your Event

Prior to each event in any new venue, our event staff conducts a comprehensive walk-through to ensure the needed equipment and supplies are present to make your event a success.
Few things are as crucial as the quality, flavor, and appearance of the food and beverages you serve at your event. Reflect back on events you’ve attended, and you may recall whether or not the meal was remarkable, even if you are unable to remember details about the décor or location. A great deal is riding on the decision of which caterer to hire, and our extensive list of catering partners in addition to our experience interacting with hotel kitchens, ensures the food at your event will be delicious.
Catering is typically the first or second most expensive cost of the event. We can help you assemble the budget figures needed to successfully cater to the number of guests who will be attending.
Brilliant Events is highly responsive to your needs and handles all the interactions with your event caterer. We work with only strategic vendor partners who are fast and attentive responders. There is nothing more frustrating than a non-responsive partner in your event.
Each event is unique. Our breadth of catering partners ensures we have the perfect match, whether a ’boutique’ caterer who specializes in smaller, intimate-type social events or others who specialize in serving large corporate clients.
As the old saying goes, “If you only have a hammer, everything is a nail.” For some event planners, that’s the case. Because of their limited partnerships, there is limited flexibility in the menus. With over 30 years of event planning, the breadth of options Brilliant Events can provide in terms of catering will ensure any unique menu options you need. Need vegan or gluten-free? We’ve got you covered. Kosher or Halal? No problem. Specific seven or nine-course meal? Of course! Substitute out a single side-dish for another? Yes, we will.
We find some clients shy away from asking to sample the specific items they desire for their event as it seems like a hassle for the caterer. We say, “No problem.” Why wouldn’t you want to taste the exact items to be served at your event? Each of our tastings includes the specific menu items selected for your event.
It is important for your caterer to be fully acquainted with the venue. A BBQ caterer that is planning on cooking with smokers might be surprised to find the venue policy requires open flames to be parked a significant distance from the room in which the event is held. Because we’ve worked in (almost) every venue in Texas over the years, we know each venue’s unique challenges. We handle all the interactions and details with the caterer, eliminating all the stress from your plate.
We make sure the caterer’s contract clearly spells out exactly what food, beverages and services they will be providing on the designated event day(s). We also ensure you are protected from any non-performance issues on their behalf. We’ve reviewed hundreds of catering contracts, and each of the catering partners we recommend and select for your event, know we have incredibly high expectations. Each agreement includes selected menus, number of servings and/or number of attendees to be served, beverage/bar service details (if applicable) and all pricing and additional services.
Insurance coverage is a given for any caterer with whom we partner. We certainly do not want any client to legally be liable for some oversight or accident that was the fault of the caterer. With our attention to detail, you won’t be!
As your corporate event planner, we will assist you in creating a menu tailored to match the audience. Whether you have an athletic-leaning guest list that will want lean-meats, adventurers who like a bit of spice, or a senior crowd who might want elegant but toned down.
We’ve vetted each of our chef’s references, bona fides and CV because she or he is most responsible for the successful outcome of the meal.
Each of Brilliant Event’s catering partners is willing and able to elegantly and expertly surprise and delight your guests, delivering beautiful, tasty and adventurous food with great service that compliments your event theme.