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Corporate Event Lighting

Create a Cutting-Edge, Creative Event Experience.

Event lighting is what brings all the decorative elements of your event together to create an incredible, cohesive experience for your attendees.

Brilliant Event’s lighting puts the “WOW!” in an environment we’ve worked with you to create, allowing your company to truly shine!

From Elegant to Extravagant

Whether you are seeking to create an elegant atmosphere during dinner or an immersive thematic corporate party, we can create the perfect mood.

Ambient Environments

Our projection systems allow us to transform a space in to anything you can dream of. From a space odyssey to a western frontier town, our high-definition projection systems can project ambient video loops to transport your attendees to a different place or time.

Here are just a few of the ambient environments we have created with projection:

Proper lighting is vital for any event. Perfect lighting is needed to set the desired mood, whether it be creating a romantic ambience or setting up an energetic room. From Lekos lights to LED lights, we can provide any type of lighting. Here are some of the various lighting instruments we provide and how they can be used to create your perfect event:

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Lekos lights are long and thin, with a barrel at the end of it. How the barrel is adjusted will affect how wide the light is, making them incredibly adjustable. With Lekos, we can change the focus, adjust with the shutters and put Gobos on them. These are especially useful for events with a stage as they can shine down on the speakers and make the light sharp and crisp. If you would rather the light be softer, we can easily adjust the barrels, like you would a camera, to make the light fuzzier. The shutters on the end of the barrel will allow us to actually block a portion of the light emerging from the Leko and let you feature a specific speaker or part of the stage, possibly even a displayed logo. Lekos are extremely adjustable and can be pointed and focused at anything.
A PAR light is much shorter and rounded, allowing them to drown an area in light. These lights would be used to create a specific ambience or mood in the room, whether it’s a full out dance party or an elegant event. Either way, the PAR light will be soft and fuzzy.
Leko lights will be used to specifically direct light at a subject, while PAR’s are generally used to flood a stage or room with light. With both types however, you can use metal pieces to change the direction of light or completely block certain parts of light streaming out.

Another thing in common is the use of gel forms. Gel forms are colored plastic pieces placed in the middle of metal sheets that adjusts the color of light. With LED lighting, however, lighting colors can be switched remotely and immediately.
It should be stated there is a difference between light and a lighting instrument. Light refers to the actual light bulb while an instrument refers to the type of housing of that bulb. A vast majority of our lighting instruments use an LED bulb. You can house an LED light in an “old” Leko and an LED light in an “old” PAR. One of the advantages of LED lighting is that it uses far less power than normal bulbs, allowing you to use more lighting without blowing the circuit. Another advantage of LED is that you don’t have to deal with physically changing out gels, climbing up a ladder to change blue to red. You’re able to adjust colors with little effort. With LED lights, the risk of blowing up the circuit board is highly unlikely, and you are able to put LEDs everywhere—on the stage, backdrops, podiums, etc.
Intelligent lighting are the type of instruments that can spin and swivel, all depending on the complexity of what is installed and/or being used. We can place an image of Batman on top of a light that will shine through, adjust shutters highlight a speaker, and/or change the lighting (to do what?). We can also create the sweeping or patterned lights you have seen at your favorite concert or awards show. This is the mood lighting we most often use, allowing our stage and event directors almost unlimited freedom in flexibility.
Projection systems can be used two ways in your event. The first and more traditional way is to project onto screens located on the stage or presentation area. From background graphics to actual presentation information, our high-end projection systems create clear, legible screen images.

A second way we use projectors is to project on the environment itself. By projecting ambient video loops, your event becomes an immersive experience for guests. We’ve projected onto external edifices, in a parking garage, onto the inside of an airplane hanger, and inside of hotel conference rooms. This is where your event experience can be taken to the next level.
Lasers take any show to the next level. Brilliant Events offers both laser beams and laser graphics. Your audiences will see structures like fans, cones, etc. with laser beams. We can also create a display with the client's logo using laser graphics. KM offers a selection of different laser options to fit any scale: 10-watt to 40-watt full color lasers, crowd scanning lasers, moving head lasers, and 3D aerial animation.
Our lighting production and A/V team is experienced in the technical design and execution of a one-of-a-kind event that makes you shine.