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Corporate Event Entertainment

We live in a world where experiences are valued more than ever before. Seventy-two percent of Millennials prefer to spend more money on experiences than on material things. People want to feel a part of the experience so why not take that knowledge and leverage it into your event entertainment? Not only will it make your event more buzz-worthy, but you will be adding value that your attendees will appreciate.

From connecting guests through laughter or great music to the shared experience of an escape room to inspiring them with heroic life story from a speaker, our list of entertainment options is vast. And we are also very comfortable dealing with entertainment agents to book that hard-to-get keynote or band for your event.

More about Corporate Event Entertainment

Entertainment can be expensive. Always create an event budget before booking any entertainment. Be sure you know the costs of the entertainers and any supporting elements they may need. For example, an aerial artist might also need a structure they can perform from, lighting so the crowd can see them, and speakers so the crowd can hear the music. A live band may need a stage, lighting and sound as well. The additional supporting elements are not always provided by the entertainer so always check what is included while booking your event entertainment. We help you think about the entire picture when hiring entertainment to avoid any surprises to your budget!
With entertainment, it is easy to get carried away with the latest trends for the sake of being trendy—but that doesn't mean it's necessarily a good idea. Always think about your event goals. Why are you having the event in the first place? Everything you do from food to entertainment should support your overarching event goals. Just because an entertainment idea sounds cool doesn't mean it will fit into your events overall concept.
When planning your event's entertainment, you need to really think about the audience. Find out who they are doing before the entertainment is scheduled, and what the demographic's preferences are.

If your attendees will be spending the entire day sitting in breakout sessions, having them sit down and watch a performance for an hour is likely the last thing they will want to do. In this case, something more interactive that allows them to move around will probably be more successful.

Did your attendees just spend the day training in the latest fitness techniques? In this case, they might want just to sit down and enjoy a show! We keep in mind what the attendee has on their schedule before and after your entertainment to make it a smashing success.